The FAQs

As long as your exterior Icy cooling beverage stays cold your beer will stay ridiculously cold. Our tests subjects have repeatedly had Ridiculously cold beer, for several hours.

The only place to purchase the Arctic Sombrero is on this website. 

Twist the Arctic Sombrero and pull straight up.

Most popular, 12 0z beers, sodas, seltzers, claws etc.  Many 16 oz cans fit, however a 30oz Stainless Steel Tumbler does not have enough volume to place the can inside the tumbler.

Yes, but, a careful hand washing will help maintain your sealing surfaces.

Absolutely, Our accountants insisted we build the Arctic Sombrero overseas, and cut costs by several hundred percent, but that is not who we are. All aspects including design, engineering, production molding, ownership, packaging and fulfilment happen right here in America.

Your canned beverage is sealed with a liquid tight gasket, keeping the exterior cooling beverage from combining with the canned beverage. 

Yes: but the strength of the can will make it more susceptible to crushing when inserted in the Arctic Sombrero. Practice with an unopened White Claw on the table and click the Arctic Sombrero on before you attempt with an opened Claw. After a few successes you will be ready to try an opened Claw. A seasoned user with proper technique will have no difficulty.

Yes.  And enjoying any Ridiculously cold beer at your own pace is a beautiful thing.   

Absolutely with our patented seal there is no worry about inadvertently mixing beverages.

Yep, ask any marsupial

Buy another, heck he already sleeps with your sister, and remind him not to do it again.

Not unless it is your moms party.

Cover your hole.

The Arctic Sombrero should be your go to lid, it works as a single beverage lid, 2 beverage lid, and as a personal cooler.

just watch, so easy an inventor can do it.